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[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuIiy5c_iHw[/embed] EXPLORE EAST AFRICAN COFFEES ON YOUR RETAIL SHELVES 'Tropical Coffee' is our retail brand that shares the East African coffee culture across borders. Let's explore the rich Ethiopian coffee culture together.    TROPICAL COFFEE All our beans are Arabica, but each farm is affected by its unique geographical location and climate, offering rich and unique flavors. Climate plays a vital role in extracting the coffee beans' taste to the fullest. Our coffee comes from the southern Ethiopian highlands, where the soil is rich and the …

Cum folosim Aeropresa.

A quick Introduction to the Aeropress.   When it comes to coffee, the possibilities are endless - you can enjoy a cup of coffee in infinite ways by choosing different beans, milk types, and brewing methods. In this post, we will talk about one of the brewing methods that has conquered many coffee lovers since its launch in 2005 - the Aeropress. Prepare to know all the basics of how this innovative coffee maker came to be, how to use it, and some …

Drumul Cafelei

 wake up in etiopia Etiopia este leaganul cafelei, in padurile regiunii Kaffa s-a dezvoltat in salbaticie sortimentul arabica. In Etiopia, la cafea se spune "Bun" sau "Buna", ceea ce inseamna ca este posibil ca termenul englezesc "Coffee Bean" sa fie doar o versine anglicizata a "Kaffa Bun". Desi legenda caprelor lui Kaldi spune ca efectele stimulate ale cafelei si bautura au fost descoperite in aceasi zi, este mult mai probabil ca boabele de cafea erau mestecate de secole inainte sa fie …
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Evenimente – Private, Publice sau Corporate

GET TOGETHER Coffee helps bring people together and create a space for diversity and connection. Just like in Ethiopia, we strive to bring people together over coffee.     IMPACT EVENTS At Impact Roasters we host events that engage the local community and at the same time promote coffee excellence. The events vary from coffee workshops, parties to celebrate traditions or local festivals, like Valby Kulturdage. We aim to create a social playground, where traditions and culture get together; An open space for diversity with …

Kingdom of Kaffa

  Kingdom of Kaffa     The Kingdom of Kaffa (c. 1390–1897) was an early modern state located in what is now Ethiopia, with its first capital at Bonga. The Gojeb River formed its northern border, beyond which lay the Gibe kingdoms; to the east the territory of the Konta and Kullo peoples lay between Kaffa and the Omo River; to the south numerous subgroups of the Gimira people, and to the west lay the Majangir people.[1] The native language, also known as Kaffa, …